Transplant programs


Living donation

The Hume-Lee Transplant Center also offers living donation for the liver and kidney.


The physicians at the Virginia Commonwealth University Hume-Lee Transplant Center have been pioneers in both the treatment of liver and biliary diseases and liver transplantation. Our center performs 50 to 60 liver transplants each year, including whole, segmental and living donor liver transplants. More than 1,400 patients have received liver transplants at the VCU Medical Center since 1988. Additionally, Hume-Lee's expert team pioneered the use of aggressive, multi-modal therapies for primary liver cancer and is one of few transplant centers in the nation to offer liver transplantation for the treatment of bile duct cancer.


Since the first kidney transplant occurred at Hume-Lee 60 years ago, close to 3,400 kidney transplants have been performed at our center, with patient and kidney survival rates that outperform national averages. We perform more than 150 kidney transplants annually, and offer advanced treatments such as desensitization and blood-type incompatible transplants that allow us to evaluate and treat patients who may have been turned down by other centers.


Our center began offering simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants in 1993 and pancreas-after-kidney transplant for Type I diabetics with end-stage renal disease in 2002. To date, more than 140 patients have received pancreas transplants at our center, with patient and graft survival rates that exceed national averages.

Islet cell autotransplant

Hume-Lee is one of few transplant centers across the country offering pancreatic islet cell autotransplants for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis. The procedure involves removing the patient's diseased pancreas, extracting its insulin-producing cells and infusing those cells into the patient's own liver which will then begin to produce insulin. This innovative treatment offers relief from the pain of chronic pancreatitis while still allowing patients adequate blood sugar control.


In 2008, we began an islet cell transplant program, an emerging procedure that has become a viable treatment option for Type I diabetics. We also offer liver cell transplantation that may serve as a bridge to solid organ liver transplant or as a solitary procedure to improve liver function.

Vascular access

Ours was the first vascular access program established in Virginia to address the quality of care for dialysis patients’ vascular access needs. Our multidisciplinary center concept brings together nephrologists, surgeons and vascular radiologists to provide complete dialysis access patient care in the most efficient, economical and high-quality manner.

Pediatric transplants

Through our partnership with the renowned specialists of Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, we are pleased to offer transplantation services to our pediatric population. Our caring team of experts provides the most advanced care possible, and our living donation programs often allow the child to be transplanted by a loved one, improving outcomes and eliminating the need to be added to the wait list.